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spider control melbourneThere are a number of pests that could invade your business; it could be roaches, termites, spiders, rodents, or bed bugs. When this happens you can expect the worst for your finances, the aesthetic quality and especially the sanitation of your building or property. Pests inflict damage on the physical structure of your business and on your products, disrupt your transactions and operations, and worst, cause the spread of diseases that come from the viruses and bacteria they bring.

Pest Control Gold Coast is your go-to pest control specialist! We can deal with any pest problem you have and make sure that your business is safe from ants, termites, mosquitoes, rodents, and the like. Our work begins with a commercial pest control inspection where the goal is to spot key problems and find out potential risks as this is crucial in determining the right course of action.

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Our Gold Coast Commercial Pest Control Services

Pest Control Gold Coast is dedicated to keep your business off-limits to any sort of pests today and in the future. We utilize a 3-stage commercial pest control service, which goes as follows:

  1. Pest Inspection
  2. Pest Control
  3. Pest Monitoring

thumbs upExpect business to head south if pests are around, bugging customers and employees, invading their comfort zone and affecting productivity. Like when nests have become the welcoming committee in your foyer, or when roaches have taken the secretary post in your office, or when termites have been making a snack out of your desk. For situations like this, you need the experts from Pest Control Gold Coast to save your building from getting completely taken over.

So Why Use our Commercial Pest Control Gold Coast Services?

  1. Structural Damage

termite infestation gold coastFor one, termites can eat up your building, chomping up walls and devouring floorings, which could further expose it to other pests like ants, roaches, and mice. Don’t belittle these pests! Termites have in fact been listed as a very destructive specie of pests, accounting for hundreds and even hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Rats chew on electrical wires and contaminate stored food, while roaches and flies are excellent vectors of diseases. Pest Control Gold Coast can help in preventing these from happening in your business!

  1. Product loss

swarm of bees melbourneEvery year, 30% of globally produced food products are wastefully disposed of due to damage and/or contamination by pests. As such, it’s very important to keep stored food products protected from these creatures, to safeguard not only your business capital but more importantly the health and safety of your customers. Pest Control Gold Coast will make sure that infestations will stop the moment our work is done — no more coming back for these pesky pests!

One important thing to take note of is the fact that pests are not attracted exclusively to human and pet food. As a matter of fact, they’ll go for anything edible like wood, wool, cotton, and paper. Another thing is pests will take advantage of any small, microscopic, tiny crevice which can be a point of entry into their food source. Rats, for instance, can basically fit into any small crack or hole as long as it’s 25mm across. You don’t want to have to think about these things, your business needs you! So let us do our thing while you give your business the attention it deserves! Pest Control Gold Coast will take care of your building for you.

  1. Dangers to Humans

cockroach infestation treatment melbournePooled, stagnant water is a huge mosquito-magnet, and an invitation for mosquitoes to hang around and cozy up in your property. Along with this is the risk for diseases like dengue, typhoid, and malaria. For sure nobody wants any of this in the office! But don’t worry, because Pest Control Gold Coast will be there to make sure that pests will never bother your customers or your employees ever again. Other pests like roaches, flies, and rodents also bring in risk for diseases that are transmitted through contaminated urine and stool.

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How we can Help

gold coast westgateWhen you’re running an income-generating business as your bread and butter, you don’t have time to deal with the pest problem going on in your building, property or office. Good thing Pest Control Gold Coast is good at wiping these creatures off the face of your building so you can focus on more important business matters.

We can perform regular inspections in order to make sure that your property is pest-free all-year-round. Our specialists don’t just provide preventive and treatment methods, they also provide useful advice that clients could use to further minimize the chances of infestation. We’ve been around for decades now, making hundreds of clients happy and satisfied with our clean and effective workmanship and stellar business ethics. We also cater to residential pest control and treatment, quickly attending to requests and solving problems in a professional and effective way.

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