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spider control melbourneWhat happens during a pest inspection? You ask. While many people already get the general idea behind a pest inspection, it’s actually just as simple as it sounds. Professional specialists from a pest control company come over to perform a visual examination of the property, either to rule out infestation or spot any potential risk factors that could invite opportunistic organisms like roaches, rats and rodents, termites, spiders, mosquitoes, dry rot, water damage, and so on.

The whole procedure takes an average of 45 minutes to an hour, but is highly reliant on the size and expanse of damage on the specific property. Once results from the inspection are out, we will give you a full report and a quote for the necessary repairs.

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Our Gold Coast Pest Inspections look for:

Rats and Mice

rats and mice infestation control melbourneRats and mice infestation can be quite easy to spot. Classic signs include bite marks on property, tracks, and rat droppings. Any skilled inspector should be able to see these signs present or point out risk factors so something can be done ASAP.


Whoever thought these winged, singing creatures pass as pests? Nobody would, except when their nests start clogging up ventilation shafts, chimneys, and their chirping in unison become noise instead of cherubic singing. If this pretty much describes the situation in your home today, call up the experts from Pest Control Gold Coast for an inspection.


spider control melbourneNot having the knowledge and experience could make the search for potential insect infestation a lot more challenging than it should be. Good thing our pest inspection guys know exactly what they’re doing! They know which way to look and for sure they’ll never make a miss.

We also don’t just focus on the interior of home. We check the surrounding perimeter to make sure that the entire area is safe.

Bed bugs

bed bug infestation control melbourneAside from the fact that bed bugs are just too tiny, they also only come out at night when their victim is asleep and ready for feeding. These two altogether make finding them a bit difficult especially for people who didn’t have formal training in pest inspection, but a few telltale signs like rust-colored spots on the mattress could help give them away. Meanwhile, in worse infestations, they could literally be all over the place — on the bedstand, the walls, and other places nearby the bed.


ant control melbourneAnts do seem like they’re not a real cause for concern. But when there’s a ton of them in long trails, making that distinct rustling sound with their nests, and burrowing tiny almost-indistinguishable holes and cracks on certain areas of home, you need a pest inspection specialist to handle the situation for you ASAP. Ants are very common among many households, but infestations must be dealt with promptly.


cockroach infestation treatment melbourneMuch like bed bugs, these creatures feed at night, which makes them hard to catch during daytime. But a massive cockroach infestation shouldn’t be all that hard to figure out — there’s cockroach droppings, roach corpses, and a stenchy smell that’s specifically associated with their lot.


termite infestation melbourneThere’s only one classic method to look for every single type of termite, and your good ol’ reliable pest inspection guy should know one when he sees it! Well, if he’s from Pest Control Gold Coast it shouldn’t be such a huge feat! Our guys know that buckling of wood, and bunched up floors and walls from subtle water damage are all hallmarks of termite infestation.

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Is your gut-feel telling you that one of them might be out there, in one of the discrete crevices of home, just biding their time? Call Pest Control Gold Coast so you’ll know for sure! We’ll be there in an instant so you can have your peace of mind back ASAP.

We at Pest Control Gold Coast are well-trained and able to handle any pest problem you might have. Be it a minor one or a major infestation, we are confident of what we can do. We’ll make sure the nasty pests never come back too!

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