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A person wearing a glove holds a dead rat by its tail outdoors, with a blurred green background.

Can a pest control company handle both pest and vermin control?

Gold Coast has always been blessed with the great scenery in the east coast of Australia, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its share of problems. When it comes to pest problems, the residents of Gold Coast has their share of pest and vermin control needs in their homes. If you happen to encounter any of these pests, then don’t waste the opportunity to hire the best pest and vermin control specialists at Pest Control Gold Coast. White ants, rodents: we’ll take care of your pest and vermin control problems in an instant.


Common Pests and Vermin Control:

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White Ants Control

Don’t underestimate these little critters. White ants, commonly known as termites, are as destructive as any natural catastrophe. These subterranean insects can wreak havoc to any structure if left unchecked.

If you find white ants, it’s important to remember not to disturb them and call a pest and vermin control company right away.

Close-up of several translucent termites on decaying wood.
A rat scavenges for food on a plate amid dirty dishes in a kitchen sink.


Rats and Rodents Control

Rodents such as rats have gained the reputation of being one of the most disgusting pests to have scurried in the household. The fact that they can be found in the sewers in an urban and suburban environment makes them a threat for transmitting germs and other diseases.


Mice Control

Unlike rats, mice have recently been a popular critters to keep as pets. That is why we at Pest Control Gold Coast stress on undomesticated house mouse. If you want to keep a mouse as a pet, we highly recommend you buy one in a pet shop. But if you happen to find one popping out of your kitchen, do not think twice in calling our pest and vermin professionals. Much like rats, undomesticated mice also travel in the dirty places like the sewers.


A mouse next to a loaf of bread on a kitchen counter.


Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on your blood. As the name implies, they usually habituate in the comfort of your bed. If your bed is infested with these buggers, call our pest and vermin control experts immediately.

Red bug silhouette centered in a crosshair target on solid red background.
Close-up of three bed bugs on the seams of a light-colored fabric surface.
Red bug silhouette centered in a crosshair target on solid red background.
Red bug silhouette centered in a crosshair target on solid red background.
Close-up of a bed bug on white fabric with human fingers partially visible, highlighting the bed bug's size and color.
Red bug silhouette centered in a crosshair target on solid red background.
Close-up of several bed bugs crawling in the seams of a white fabric surface.
Close-up of a housefly standing on a green leaf, showcasing its detailed body structure and red eyes.


Fleas Control

Fleas and Flies are one of the most common household pests in most countries. They can be a nuisance and loathsome in most residential scenarios. While flies gather on anything that decomposes, fleas thrive in the skin of their host. While flies carry germs from various food sources, fleas are notorious blood suckers. What makes them even more disgusting is they both lay their eggs on warm areas filled with nutrients for their larva. For example, flies would lay their eggs on a rotting carcass while fleas lay their eggs in the skin of their hosts.


Cockroaches Control

Hands down, cockroach are vile insects that can survive in almost any environment. They also breed in an alarming rate. If left unchecked, they can overwhelm the household by their immeasurable numbers.

Cockroaches gather around crumbs near a box on a tiled floor, emphasizing a pest control problem.
A bee collecting pollen on a vibrant purple flower, with visible pollen on its legs.


Bees and Wasps Control

Bees and wasps aren’t normally annoying pests. The problem, however, is that they tend to build their nests in the wrong places such as your house. Whether these nest can be found in your backyard or inside your house, the real problem with these insects lies in their sting. They are highly aggressive especially the wasps. They will attack anyone that steps in their territory and threatens their nests. If you have children, don’t let them go near their nests.


Spiders Control

Nowadays, spiders have been deem beneficial in fending off insects. This is due to the fact that insects are their natural prey. In some countries, homeowners would even allow spiders to thrive in particular parts of their houses and ensnare mosquitoes and flies. However, it’s a different case in Australia because they’re often big. If you happen to find a wolf spider, don’t panic and call our pest and vermin specialists on spiders to take care of that problem.

Close-up of a jumping spider on a white surface, showcasing its large, prominent eyes and hairy legs.
Close-up of a silverfish insect on a textured beige surface.


Silverfish Control

If you happen to spot a wingless insect that has silver-like scales in your home, it’s a silverfish. They’re harmless. However, it’s a different story when it comes to photographs, books, clothes, and other materials that has polysaccharides.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of pests do you handle?

We handle a wide range of pests, including ants, termites, spiders, cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs, and more. If you have a specific pest problem, feel free to contact us for a consultation.

Are your pest control treatments safe for children and pets?

Yes, our treatments are designed to be safe for both children and pets. We use environmentally friendly products and methods that minimize risk while effectively eliminating pests.

How often should I have my property treated for pests?

The frequency of treatments depends on the type of pest and the severity of the infestation. Generally, we recommend quarterly treatments to keep your property pest-free year-round.

Do I need to leave my home during the treatment?

It depends on the treatment. For most general pest control services, you do not need to leave. However, for certain treatments, like termite fumigation, temporary evacuation may be necessary. We will provide instructions beforehand.

How soon will I see results after the treatment?

You may see a reduction in pest activity within a few days. However, it can take up to two weeks to see the full results, especially for more extensive infestations. We also offer follow-up visits to ensure complete eradication.

What should I do to prepare for a pest control treatment?

Preparation depends on the type of pest and treatment method. We recommend clearing areas where pests are seen, storing food properly, and keeping pets and children out of the treatment area.