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Termite Control Services

Hire the best termite busters in Gold Coast for the best price. With Pest Control Gold Coast, you’ll get the high quality service that you deserve when it comes to termite inspection and treatments.

Termites may look harmless creatures that resemble ants, but they are very destructive. In fact, termites can cause the most expensive damages in pest-related incidents. Among all the pests, termites are terror to modern housing and architecture. As long as wood remains an indispensable material for most houses and buildings, homeowners and businessmen have every reason to lookout for these pests. But don’t fret, let our experts from Pest Control Gold Coast take care of business and rid your property of these nasty buggers. 

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Gold Coast Termite Treatment Services :

  • Inspecting for termites.
  • Treating the termite infestation.
  • Controlling termites, and preventing them from returning.

About Termites in Gold Coast

termites soldier control The most prevalent breed of termite that’s spread throughout Australia is the Coptotermes acinaciformis. They are mostly referred to as white ants. This insect has caused more than 70% of damage to structures in Australia. Coptotermes acinaciformis are subterranean termites that usually build their mounds within the base of eucalyptus or completely underground. However, when residing inside houses, they steer clear from human visibility and  hide in hard-to-reach places–usually places that are abundant with water. A white ant colony may contain over one million termites. If you want to know more about these termites, don’t hesitate to call us through (07) 3085 9219.

Termite Inspection

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Don’t give this vermin a chance to proliferate in your home. You may think that a few termites wouldn’t hurt a door knob of your closet, but you’ll definitely regret it once you’ll realize how enormous the mounds they’ve built in your basement. Termites thrive underground and those few termites you saw was just the tip of the iceberg.

If you think about the 70% termite-related damaged structures in Australia mentioned earlier,  it seems that these little buggers are more of a force of nature rather than your regular household pests. Don’t take things lightly with these insects. Get a termite inspection specialist immediately to avoid potential damages.

Termite Treatment

At Pest Control Gold Coast, our squad of termite treatment specialists can determine what’s the best and appropriate solution for your home. That’s another important reason why you should invest on a termite inspection because a successful treatment can be determined by the outcome and assessment from a thorough termite inspection. For more info about our termite treatment methods, call (07) 3085 9219 now!

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Termite Control

pest control termite gold coastIt may seem hopeless when it comes to dealing with termites, however you as a household owner can limit the chances of infestation by just doing these simple precautionary measures. If your house was just completed, you may also do these measures. For one, remove any unnecessary wooden materials such as extra lumber or construction tools out of your property. As long as it’s made of wood, termites will go for it.

Termite Protection

termite infestation gold coastAt Pest Control Gold Coast, you’ll have the opportunity to choose two of our best termite protection barriers for your home. Termite protection is ideal for anyone who wouldn’t want to welcome the chance for termite invasions. If you’re just new in the country, you may be shocked by how voracious these white ants are. If you ask any of your friends or neighbors, you’ll realize how important to have these barriers in order to fend-off those nasty white ants.

If you call now, you may get to choose either or both of our termite protection barriers. We’ll offer you our state-of-the-art physical termite barrier. This barrier is usually made out of concrete that is installed into the key parts of your home. With this barrier placed in your home, those termites will definitely have a hard time reaching their goal. To add to that, we’ll offer you our termiticides that will function as a chemical barrier to repel those white ants from entering your property.

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