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Pest Control Services Gold Coast

Pests, you’ve seen them and dealt with them almost everyday in your home. There are times that homeowners have completely surrendered because they seem to go back over and over again. But don’t lose hope. Our pest control services will definitely shed light to your household nightmare.

We offer specialized service to counter any types of pest that’s present in your house. We have our termite control service, cockroach control service, and other packages that correspond to a particular pest. Whether it’s a regular pest or an exotic pest, our team of highly-trained pest professionals can identify and neutralize that vermin. For a free quote, call (07) 3085 9219.

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Pest Inspection

Pest Inspection is the most crucial part of every pest control practice. We at Pest Control Gold Coast can affirm to that statement because all of our successful pest treatment relies on a full-blown and complete pest inspection.

termite elimination gold coastYou won’t have the slightest bit of worry with our pest inspection specialists. Our pest specialists are trained, experienced and efficient. Once these guys inspect your property, they’ll notice the slightest trace of an insect infestation.

The importance of pest inspection will then come after making a thorough inspection of your home. The specialist will make an assessment and explain to you how to apply the pest treatment. Pest inspection can also set customer’s expectations so that their time and business will not be compromised.

If you’re currently experiencing a pest problem, please don’t hesitate to call us. As soon as you ask for assistance, we’ll respond and give you an effective solution right off the bat!

Building Inspection

building inspectionAccompanied with our pest inspection, building inspection is another important factor for a successful pest control. You may be wondering what building inspection has got to do with the whole pest issue. The structure of the house and building is important because it gives our specialists and customers an overview of how those pests are moving in your home.

A thorough building inspection can give us a clear picture of how those pests got into your house in the first place. It also gives our pest professionals a view on different escape routes of the pest. You have to consider that most of these vermin are persistent. Rats can easily escape in the toilet, cockroaches will probably hide in the dark corners of your home, and termites would look for a different wood and water source to set another colony. If need a full detail on our building inspection, don’t hesitate to call us.

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Commercial Pest Control Services

Just to give you an idea on how pests would move about in a commercial building, they usually reside in area where there are less people and more food. In a restaurant or a cafe, there are times that these pests would pass by a table. termite treatment offer gold coastThe number of vermin that pop out of a crowded area are less than a few, but it’s already a sign of possible infestation. Most likely the true face of the infestation would probably be the kitchen or a storage area where most of the food are stored.

Considering all these facts, a customer who just appeared in your establishment would have transacted business with you if it weren’t for the rat that was hanging around the waiting area.

Just think about it–a failed transaction just because of a single rat. At Pest Control Gold Coast, we understand that situation quite well because the road to success will depend on the quality of the service. So, if your office is infested with rats, cockroaches, or termites, call us right away.

Residential Pest Control Services

gold coast residential pest control

The pest problem scenario between commercial and residential are a bit different. Residential areas tend to draw more pests than the commercial area. This is due to the fact that most commercial buildings have cleaners and maintenance in their utilities while most residential areas are vacant during work hours, unless if it’s occupied by a maid or a housekeeper. Among all the known pests that reside in most houses such as bedbugs, rodents, and roaches, termites are the most expensive vermin to deal with. 

Termites may not munch the food in your fridge nor fester and spread germs or deadly diseases just like some of the creatures that were mentioned, but they can directly destroy key areas of your house. If left unchecked, they can spread throughout the house. Don’t let your house be in the brink of destruction because of termite infestation, call Pest Control Gold Coast’s specialist on termite inspection and treatment right away!  

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