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Pests, you’ve seen them and dealt with them almost everyday in your home. There are times that homeowners have completely surrendered because they seem to go back over and over again. But don’t lose hope. Our pest control services will definitely shed light to your household nightmare.

We offer specialized service to counter any types of pest that’s present in your house. We have our termite control service, cockroach control service, and other packages that correspond to a particular pest. Whether it’s a regular pest or an exotic pest, our team of highly-trained pest professionals can identify and neutralize that vermin. For a free quote, call (07) 3085 9219.

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Our Sevices


Thorough inspections to identify and assess all pest problems.

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Residential Pest Control

Effective treatments to keep your home pest-free and safe.

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Commercial Pest Control

Reliable pest control solutions for your business.

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Comprehensive termite treatments to protect your property.

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Bed Bug

Targeted solutions to eliminate bed bugs from your space.

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Efficient removal and prevention of mice infestations.

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Specialised treatments to keep your home spider-free.




Proven methods to eradicate and prevent cockroach issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of pests do you handle?

We handle a wide range of pests, including ants, termites, spiders, cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs, and more. If you have a specific pest problem, feel free to contact us for a consultation.

Are your pest control treatments safe for children and pets?

Yes, our treatments are designed to be safe for both children and pets. We use environmentally friendly products and methods that minimize risk while effectively eliminating pests.

How often should I have my property treated for pests?

The frequency of treatments depends on the type of pest and the severity of the infestation. Generally, we recommend quarterly treatments to keep your property pest-free year-round.

Do I need to leave my home during the treatment?

It depends on the treatment. For most general pest control services, you do not need to leave. However, for certain treatments, like termite fumigation, temporary evacuation may be necessary. We will provide instructions beforehand.

How soon will I see results after the treatment?

You may see a reduction in pest activity within a few days. However, it can take up to two weeks to see the full results, especially for more extensive infestations. We also offer follow-up visits to ensure complete eradication.

What should I do to prepare for a pest control treatment?

Preparation depends on the type of pest and treatment method. We recommend clearing areas where pests are seen, storing food properly, and keeping pets and children out of the treatment area.