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Sometimes it’s unbelievable how such small creatures like termites can destroy bigger objects like your drawer, cabinet, and ultimately, your home. An initially “small” infestation goes out of control when left unabated, and that’s where bigger, highly expensive damages come from. And you might think, “my house isn’t made out of wood so I should be safe” — wrong. While termites do have specific preferences when it comes to food, they’re content enough to settle for just the right living conditions like the perfect combination of moisture levels, warmth, and humidity. Also, homes that have higher susceptibility will need to be checked more frequently than others.

termite elimination gold coastIf you live in Gold Coast, there’s no need to bend over backwards looking for the best specialists in termite inspection who could respond to your issue quickly yet effectively. All you need to do is to pick up the phone and punch in our number, and our guys will be there before you know it. We have the best ones in the state: highly-trained, with an excellent set of skills and the right amount of knowledge, add to that decades of experience — what more can you ask for?

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thumbs upNo other pestilent specie could do it better: termites are the best when it comes to eating up any home or property. It’s pretty unfortunate when this happens because it does not merely reduce the market value of the property, it also poses some safety risks on the occupants. Don’t let a tiny termite problem blow up — act faster than they multiply and spare yourself the headache and misery. Trying to do-it-yourself though may be challenging as termites naturally stay under the ground where they can hide from plain sight, and that’s what we’re here for. Pest Control Gold Coast believes in spotting out the 3 hallmarks of termite infestation:

  1. Spongy Wood
  2. Mud Holes
  3. Termite Debris

Spongy Wood

The first thing that we need to check out when providing termite inspection service is to gauge the degree of damage already present in your property. When termites burrow their way through wood, they leave behind a thick, mud-like semi-liquid that stays and causes the wood to have a soggy feel and appearance, which is sadly often mistaken for nothing serious, just natural wear and tear. However, with the vast experience our team has, you can be sure that we’ll be able to spot this telltale sign immediately.

Mud Holes

termite infestation gold coastNext, we look for mud holes that serve as a point of entry for the termites when they burrow through their DIY-tunnel. These holes can be tricky to find, as they are usually very small and are found underneath the wooden foundation of the house, and in some cases, they’re in places where there’s pooled water, or in the garage. Termites generally like dark places, so if there are other high-risk areas of home, our team will make sure that they are properly looked into. Nothing will be missed! Our work is clean, efficient, and reliable all the time.

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Termite Debris

pest control termite gold coastOne of the more obvious and exposed signs of termite infestation are their feces that physically resemble wooden pellets and wings which they shed off when they’re off to migrate to other places. These are found mostly near stumps, and in the outer exposed areas of the house. They could also be where the mud holes are. Regardless of where these things might be scattered, our team will find them in no time.

termite control melbournePest Control Gold Coast has been right on the cutting edge of the pest control industry for many decades now. Our team is qualified and able to attend to any termite issue you might have in your home. We provide immediate and effective solutions, and you can count on getting serviced by well-trained and highly able specialists who are keen on giving clients individualized interventions and methods. Our goal is to give you a long-term, permanent solution to pest infestation, ensuring that your home or business is free of any scampering, crawling, slithering pests all-year-round. Please do call us at any sight of pest infestation! This will help manage damage and significantly decrease your losses.

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